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Comments about Jalapeño from the Prior Owners

    "My wife and I, when not on Jalapeño, lived in the mountains of Central Mexico, thus the name Jalapeño.  I lived on a sailboat for 20 years in Miami and missed the cruising lifestyle.  I decided that I would like to buy a boat that I could handle with my wife and one that would make her comfortable and not feel like she was "camping out".  The Irwin 52 with its' large tankage, spacious areas and air-conditioning seemed to be a lot of "boat for the buck".  My wife loves to cook and in the spacious well-equipped galley cooking became one of her favorite pastimes.  At the onset of our adventure she was somewhat reluctant, but after seven years of cruising the Caribbean my wife was more enthusiastic to return to Jalapeño than I would have ever imagined.

    I purchased Jalapeño in excellent condition and chose her because of the "hard top cockpit enclosure", which separated her from the other Irwin 52's on the market. We have sailed over almost all of the Caribbean, East to West, North to South, in all types of weather.  In the harshest wind and sea conditions we have always felt safe and have consistently arrived ahead of all other boats cruising with us."

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